Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The People Vs. Crossrail

By bringing forward a scheme which is feasible, practical and likely to achieve private sector partner funding, Crossrail will help to support economic growth and boost the region's regeneration areas.To achieve this, we have consulted with a broad range of stakeholders and the public at large.

-Crossrail’s website

“We are a very successful business but could not find anywhere suitable to move to in just three months. The employees are not going to find jobs now. I spent 17 years of my life working to build this place up and now I have nothing. I just have to worry about if and when I get any kind of compensation. It is devastating, but more for my staff.”
-Domenico Savaresa, 45
Owner, Spaccanapoli restaurant,
Job losses: 24

'Crossrail is forcing us out of business and the compensation is tiny, '
- firms Sri Carmichael and Benedict Moore-Bridger

We are currently squatting The Bath House Pub on 96 Dean St. This is part of two main blocks in Soho which have been comopulsery purchased to aid the development of this transport project. The blocks have been empty since early November when all residents were evicted.

Crossrail plan to extend their platform from the current Tot Crt Rd stn to Dean St making their trains some of the longest in Europe. Crossrail have taken two blocks in Soho, when in fact their plans only show the need for one. They have no use for the second block in their plans making some question how they have been allowed to compulsory purchase this land at under its market value. Some have speculated that the site is in motion of sale with the purpose of making it a shopping centre.

We are supportive of public transport schemes provided they are lawful, provide value for taxpayers’ money and do not cause unnecessary harm. The present Crossrail scheme fails on all these counts, while benefiting the UK’s richest community, namely the City and Canary Wharf .A total of 55 businesses have been ordered to leave Soho, central London.

They did not pay the proprietors full market value for the property. Many small local business' forced to close forever without proper compensation. All in the name of 'progress and redevelopment' what this means is that Tesco and other major corporations can stay and continue to take over what little 'soul' was left in Soho.

This is a microcosmic example of what is happening all over London, where normal people are being forced to leave for big bussiness.

We got an adjournment against Crossrail in court because they could not sufficiently prove that they owned the building, but they have now cut off our water and nailed our roof hatch down...

Please call 0203 229 9188 and complain for us.

Thank you!!!

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