Monday, 21 December 2009


Fuck off.

We are not interested in any sort of coverage from the mainstream media. Aside from the fact that they are usually factually incorrect, and make everyone come across as complete wankers, we see any news articles or similar as detrimental to the squatting movement. It is articles like this that have, and will lead to the laws being changed, making it much harder for squatting to exist at all.

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 16:42:59 +0000
Subject: From the Guardian

Hello there
Helen Pidd here, I'm a reporter from the Guardian. I'm working on a piece about the different squatting groups around London, and have heard about what you lot have been doing this year. The idea of the piece is to round up all of the squatting activity to hit the headlines this year - the Da! collective, the Park Lane squatters, Mark Guard and his curious project, the Oubliette, plus the VHS Video basement.
I know you're currently resident in the Puss in Boots strip club, and wondered whether I could come along one day soon to have a chat to you about what you are doing and why. Is it an art project? Just somewhere to live? A political statement? All of the above?
Hope to hear from you soon,

Helen Pidd
Reporter, the Guardian

2009/12/14 Pavel Velour :
Hi "Helen",

We have a "policy" that we don't respond to "major news reporting". In general, coverage of "squatting" has been predominantly detrimental to the movement, with for example the newer anti squatting laws introduced around the heyday of media coverage of the previous major squatting drive.

We understand however that your interest is in us as a "collective", and appreciate this and your interest in "us". Not sure what to say about what we "do". We're slowly drifting away from the arts and are drifting towards shoplifting and "petty crime" more recently.

Someone else has written an article about our "current space" which is quite relevant:

I don't really know how to respond in emails, how to type and get my "ideas / feelings" across. Would you watch a video if we made it for you?


"VHS" Video Basement?

Puss in Boots Strip Club
11 White Horse Street

Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 10:15:33 +0000
Subject: Re: From the Guardian

er "thanks"

From: Pavel Velour (
Sent: 14 December 2009 11:36:53

Would you still like us to make a movie for you?

VHS Video Basement



Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Recipies for Disaster

This is a really great zine for 16mm crafts


is easy.

Things you need
- some clear/ blank 16mm film avaliable on Ebay cheap
- a 16mm projector, available for hire here or you can get for as little £20 on Ebay.
- then you need stuff to put on the film (can use anything as long as it runs through the projector and does not cover the sprockets)
*india ink
* bleach
* hole punch
*found footage (if you have a projector in which the sound works you can make OPTICAL SOUND, used by Guy Sherwin)

Mothlight by STAN BRAKHAGE
made after seeing a moth fly into a candle

Sunday, 6 December 2009


So we have another week in the strip club... On Monday we have a short film making workshop all day from 10am.
Bring a camera.
The theme of the workshop is Riot .

In the morning each group will pick two restrictions out , so they should think about these these as weLL

1. Riot
- a film longer than the time you have left to live
- shot with no sound

2. Riot
- a film backwards
- a musical

Tuesday we have Bring YOUR OWn shorts from 8.30pm, but we want the theme of a holiday. We want you to bring anything to tell us a 5 minute story about your holiday. So either video footage or a photo slide show, come narrate the visuals live. It could be a month long trip to India or a day trip to your grandma, as long as it was a holiday it's great. We're still showing shorts as well so bring those too! PLus the films made on Monday.

And, on Thursday there is an acting improvisation workshop from 3pm and then films from 7pm
LA HAINE and BATTLE OF ALGIERS in preparation for Copenhagen...
The discussion will be around violent resistance.

See you in the week!