Sunday, 6 December 2009


So we have another week in the strip club... On Monday we have a short film making workshop all day from 10am.
Bring a camera.
The theme of the workshop is Riot .

In the morning each group will pick two restrictions out , so they should think about these these as weLL

1. Riot
- a film longer than the time you have left to live
- shot with no sound

2. Riot
- a film backwards
- a musical

Tuesday we have Bring YOUR OWn shorts from 8.30pm, but we want the theme of a holiday. We want you to bring anything to tell us a 5 minute story about your holiday. So either video footage or a photo slide show, come narrate the visuals live. It could be a month long trip to India or a day trip to your grandma, as long as it was a holiday it's great. We're still showing shorts as well so bring those too! PLus the films made on Monday.

And, on Thursday there is an acting improvisation workshop from 3pm and then films from 7pm
LA HAINE and BATTLE OF ALGIERS in preparation for Copenhagen...
The discussion will be around violent resistance.

See you in the week!

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